Motor accident brain injury claims

Brain injuries are often serious and can occur in a number of different types of road accidents. A head or brain injury can be a life-changing event, for the sufferer and their friends and family. If you or a loved one has suffered a head or brain injury within the last three years that wasn’t your fault, we can help you make a risk free compensation claim.

At Unlucky if you weren’t at fault for the accident which caused your injuries we can help you get the compensation you deserve, regardless of how they came about. If your brain injuries are serious enough, we might be able to help you make an ICWA claim regardless of fault.

Some of the most common causes include, but are not limited to:

If you are unable to work due to illness or TPD as a result of your accident, then you may be entitled to benefits through your superannuation, life insurance, or other insurance policies.

What Is a Serious Injury?

A serious injury describes an injury that impacts your daily life and potentially your future. Serious injuries might also affect those around us because of the care and help needed to help us function.

If you’ve experienced any of the below then it’s likely you’ve suffered a serious injury and could claim compensation:

  • Hospital treatment
  • Significant time off work, or inability to return to work.
  • Care and support given professionally or by family and friends

Common brain injuries arising from road accidents

There are a few different types of head injury, all with their own prognosis and treatments.


Concussions are a common head injury, occurring after a bump on the head and sometimes causing a loss of consciousness. Others suffer symptoms like confusion and dizziness.

Concussions can occur at any time through things like work-related accidents or vehicle collisions. Most commonly, however, they occur through contact sports.

Common symptoms include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Headaches
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Imbalance
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Difficulty with vision

Under certain conditions, concussions can be worse, particularly if the sufferer is elderly, if they’ve been drinking or taking drugs, or if they bleed easily, perhaps due to haemophilia or taking anticoagulant medication (preventing blood clotting).

Subdural Haematoma

This is where blood pools between the surface of the brain and the skull. Its symptoms are like a severe concussion and can develop immediately after a major head injury. People experiencing these symptoms should seek treatment immediately or call an ambulance.

Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

This injury is caused by bleeding on the brain. Though uncommon, usually there are no warning signs and symptoms can appear instantly.

Causes vary but exertion or hard exercise can be a contributor. Symptoms too can vary.

Open-head Injury

Open-head injuries are immediately obvious. Sometimes referred to as a penetrating head injury, it can have a number of causes, such as falls, workplace accidents and violent crime. Symptoms and treatment vary greatly, depending on the injury and its location on the head.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

This is where the connection between cells in the brain gets broken. It is sometimes described as a “shearing injury” as the brain moves around inside the head and can have major consequences.

Rehabilitation, Treatment And Care

After leaving hospital you may need ongoing treatments, such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Head or brain injuries can be very difficult to cope with and sometimes this can affect your mental well-being – if this is the case, you may require some psychological therapy.

Your lawyer will take any rehabilitation and treatment costs into account when making your claim, and do their best to ensure these expenses are covered. In some cases, you may be eligible for an interim payment to cover immediate costs of your injury, before receipt of your final amount.

We Can Help You

A head or brain injury can be a traumatic and confusing experience for the patient and their loved ones – we’re here to help.

When you’re ready, call us on 1300 106 107 to talk about the circumstances of your injury, and how it has affected your health and other factors.

Contacting Us On Someone’s Behalf

Head and brain injuries can leave people dependent on those around them and sometimes, someone contacting us may be doing so on someone else’s behalf.

We can help you understand the process of making a claim on behalf of another when they aren’t in a possission to do so themselves because of their injury. Learn more about making a claim on someone else’s behalf on our dedicated page here, and our page for claiming on behalf of a child here. Our friendly trained legal advisors are also available to help when you call us. Call 1300 106 107 for no obligation advice.

How Can Compensation Help You?

Our customers use their compensation win in a number of ways, like purchasing new equipment for their home or paying for professional care. Whatever your situation, it’s worth calling us to discuss your chances of a successful claim. The final settlement could reduce the impact of a major injury on your daily life.

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