Claiming compensation for an eye injury

Eye injuries are not only debilitating, but they can also ruin your life. If you’ve suffered an eye injury in a car or motor vehicle accident, we’re here and ready to help you get the compensation you deserve. Eye injuries are often painful and can take months, even years, to make a full recovery. In some severe cases, they can even cause permanent damage with life-changing consequences, such as total blindness.

Injuries might require you take time off work, travel to places you wouldn’t normally go, and pay for prescriptions or treatment, leaving you out of pocket. We believe that you deserve financial compensation if you’ve suffered an eye injury because of an accident caused by somebody else’s negligent behaviour.

If you’ve suffered an accident caused by somebody else and you’re suffering from an eye injury as a result, then it’s likely we can help you.

To find out whether we think you can make a risk free claim, you can call us for free advice. If you have a case, there’s no obligation to claim.

What’s involved in making a claim?

When you call us, we’ll listen to what you have to say about your experience and will ask you some questions so that we can fully understand your situation.

We’ll then let you know if we think you have a claim, from there, the choice is yours.

If you’re happy to start your claim, we’ll put you through to one of our top lawyers they’ll process your claim from start to finish, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Have you experienced blindness?

Some eye injuries result in loss of sight (blindness.) This could be temporary, partial, or permanent. Blindness, for someone who’s had full vision from birth, is a harrowing experience.

If you’ve lost your sight in any capacity due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, you might be entitled to make a claim. Other common accidents resulting in eye injuries include bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and passenger accidents.

Are you reading this on someone’s behalf?

If you’re reading this on behalf of a friend or family member who has suffered an eye injury, we can help you and your family.

How much can you claim?

Your compensation payout could help to cover the financial impact of your injury. This includes the physical injury, the emotional impact, and the financial cost to you.

When your lawyer takes your case, he or she will take the following into consideration:

• Loss of earnings caused by taking time off work
• Future loss of earnings if you’re no longer able to work the same hours or even in the same field
• Loss of earnings your loved ones have experienced
• Care you’ve received, whether it was hired or for free
• Loss of ability and participation in sports, hobbies or leisure activities
• Extra costs you’ve had to cover, such as travel, medicines and home modifications

If your experience isn’t listed, don’t fret. You lawyer can still claim on your behalf. Would you like to calculate your claim?

Claim for your eye injury

When you call us, your call will be answered by one of our friendly advisors., they will listen to your story with a sympathetic ear.

We realise this may be the first time you’ve spoken about your injury to someone other than a doctor or a loved one. We take down all the details so we can make a complete determination about your eye injury, and how to best claim for compensation.

If we’re not open, you can use our contact form and we’ll arrange for one of our advisors to call you at a more convenient time.