Claiming for a groin injury


Our team pride ourselves on the free, confidential and no-obligation advice we provide people who are facing financial losses or ruin due to a groin injury.

To somebody who has never had any dealings with the legal system, starting a claim can seem confusing, complicated and lengthy. We aim to take the confusion out of claiming.

We typically advise that it’s likely you have a claim if your injury was not your fault.

We know it’s not always clear whether somebody else was at fault for your accident, particularly when your accident happened at work because of a lack of training or health and safety. Sometimes medical negligence is not clear when viewed by a layperson.

To find out if you can claim, call us for a no-obligation chat on . We’ll listen to your experience, ask you some questions about your accident and injury and then let you know how we can help. All calls are confidential, and there’s no pressure to claim.


Determining fault in a groin injury claim

Our expert advisors are trained to figure out if an injury was caused by negligence, or at least was no fault of your own.

Starting a claim means no extra work on your part. Unlucky’s lawyers will negotiate a compensation claim on your behalf. Your lawyer can keep you informed of your progress. You can be as involved or as hands-on as you like.

To start your claim or to find out if you have a case, you can give us a call on We’re here to listen and answer any questions you have about the claims process and your accident and injury.

Causes of groin injuries

We know that the symptoms of a groin injury can develop over time, so it can be difficult to know how or when a groin injury started.

Groin injuries are often caused by a large amount of strain, pressure or an impact on your thigh or groin area. Injuries can happen when groin muscles are tensing too quickly or forcefully, typically the result of a road accident or a sporting accident.

If your groin injury was caused because of a faulty piece of gym equipment, such as a faulty weight machine, then you may be able to make a claim if management did not check or maintain the machine.

You may also be able to make a claim if something has fallen on you, such as netball or basketball hoops or a goal post.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you make a claim if your injury was the result of normal gameplay or training.

Claiming for multiple injuries

A groin injury is typically the overstretching of the muscles in your groin area. When this stretching happens too quickly, beyond normal limits or because of an impact, this can cause the muscle tissues to tear or rupture, which is painful and can affect your mobility.

Often a groin injury is one of multiple injuries caused by the same accident, such as damage to ligaments or tendons around the area, additional injuries to your thighs or hamstrings or injuries affecting your abdominals.

When you contact us, we’ll work hard to understand the full impact of your accident and the injuries it has caused. This can bolster your full claim.

How much compensation could you claim?

When you contact us, we try to ascertain how the injury has affected your life, your loved ones and your ability to work. This all supports your claim.

We are unable to make an estimate on compensation from your initial contact. Your lawyer will make a determination after the claim is submitted and negotiations are in order. This can also determine how the at-fault party responds to your claim.

To gain the maximum allowable amounts, your lawyer considers and negotiates to cover:

  • Time off work and financial losses
  • Any time off work your loved ones have had to look after you or take you to appointments
  • Medical treatment you’ve paid for, such as physiotherapy or private hospital visits
  • Any future medical treatment you might need to fully recover

If you’re unsure, we recommend calling us to be sure whether you have a case. Call us to have peace of mind and get advice about your next steps and options.


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