Claiming compensation for a leg injury

Recovering from a leg injury can take time, money, and the compassion of others. Leg injuries can leave you unable to work which can affect your ability to pay your bills and support your family. The pain is one aspect, but the stress is another. Its unfair feeling worried about money at such a difficult time. If you’ve suffered from a leg injury, we can help you make it right. Unlucky see how much of a difference compensation can make. The money you could receive could help you pay for treatment, care and any other costs of your injury, so you can focus on recovery.

If you want to know if you’re entitled to make a risk-free leg injury claim, you can get in touch with our friendly team for free, impartial advice by calling un. We give you the help and support you need after an accident which wasn’t your fault, and we’ll never rush or pressure you into making a claim.

Causes of leg injuries

No matter how your injury is caused, we might be able to assist:

Below are some examples of road accidents that can cause leg injuries.

We understand that there are many other instances where a person can suffer leg injured in transport accidents. If we have not mentioned your accident please feel free to call us.

What is no win no fee?

Our lawyers can arrange your claim on a ‘no win no risk’ basis. If your claim isn’t successful, you don’t have to pay for our services.

It makes sure that if your claim doesn’t go through, you aren’t put on the back foot. In limited instances, you may not be able to make such a claim. We’ll tell you beforehand so you know all the risks.

We understand how your leg injury may have affected you

Sometimes leg injuries can be life-changing. If you or someone you know has suffered such a leg injury, we can help.

You may be unsure of how your lawyer works on your claim. In general, they’ll consider the following and more:

  • How long you’ve been getting treatment, and the costs involved
  • The time you and your loved ones have taken off work, and lost earnings
  • Any care whether it’s professional or voluntary
  • Impacts on your leisure time and hobbies

To get peace of mind, you can call us today, we’ll listen to your experience and ask the relevant questions so we can understand your plight.

Types of leg injuries

There are many different forms of leg injuries. What’s common with leg injuries is that they alter or transform how you live your life for the worse.

Below are some of the types of leg injury we’ve helped people claim for:

Strains and sprains

Sprains occur when ligaments (the tissue that connects two bones together) get stretched or torn. Sprains often happen in the ankle, but they can also occur in the knee if you suddenly hit or twist it.

Strains can also happen in the hamstring muscle (the back of your thigh.) It can be common in some physical sports.

Strains and sprains are painful and restrict mobility. You may need assistance walking or driving for up to six weeks after the injury. In some cases, it could take several months to make a recovery and require corrective surgery.

Fractured or broken bones

Suffering from a broken leg can be very painful, and it restricts your movement as your leg is in a cast and you might need crutches or a wheelchair to move.

In some cases, it might take over six months to make a full recovery. Some severe fractures may require setting or surgery.

Leg amputation claims

If you’ve had to undergo an amputation because of your leg injury, we’re truly sorry as we understand this can be a harrowing, shocking experience.

Usually amputees require adjustments to their home, travel and daily routines. This costs a lot, and we know you’ve probably had to pay for these adjustments. You may no longer work your current job due to the amputation.

Compensation can help you pay for the equipment and support you need to get your independence back.

Starting your leg injury claim

To begin your leg injury claim, you can get in touch with us free. Want a callback? Use our online form and we’ll arrange a time more convenient for you.

During your call, we’ll offer impartial advice about your rights and compensation, and help you understand whether you have grounds for a claim. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and to talk you through what’s involved.

We are here to give you advice, there’s no obligation to claim. The decision to claim is always yours.

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