Fatal Road Accident Claims

We understand that nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one, but we can help relieve the financial burden you may now be facing. Whether their death was due to car or motorcycle accident we’re here for you.

It is heartbreaking when you lose someone as a result of someone else’s negligence. Family and friends can be left to sort out finances and prepare for the future. At Unlucky Accident Claims, we deal with wrongful death claims on a No Win No Fee arrangement and help you recover compensation to assist those left behind.

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Common Causes

Death as a result of negligence or inadequate standards which should have been prevented means that you are eligible to receive compensation in the form of a wrongful death claim. The claim can be made by the closest relative of a person who died after suffering a fatal accident that was someone else’s fault.

Your loved one may have been killed in a work accident, or they could have died from a work-related disease. You could be grieving for a family member who has died because of medical negligence, or they were killed in a car crash as a result of someone else’s negligent driving. We know that nothing is going to bring this person back, however, making a claim can give you some financial security.

Who Can Claim?

Wrongful death claims in Australia can be brought by a spouse, civil partner or the parent of a child under the age of 18. You will be able to claim under the Act for compensation as long as the person who died provided any financial support for the family or they were a carer, and you have to pay for alternative care arrangements. You can also claim for the funeral costs and compensation in acknowledgement of your grief and suffering.

In Australia, wrongful death claims can be made by anyone from the “immediate family” of the person who died.

It’s hard enough to cope with a loved one’s death without having to worry about how you are going pay for the funeral or cope with the stress of ongoing financial hardship. Whatever the reason for your loved one’s death, Unlucky can help you with a wrongful death claim and make sure that you get the compensation to help you. We deal with any wrongful death claims are dealt with on a No Win No Fee arrangement which means there is no financial risk to you if you decide to make a claim.

What Can You Claim?

We know that no amount of money will be able to bring a loved one back after a fatal accident but making a compensation claim for the suffering, distress, and pain that the person you dearly loved had to endure will make life easier.

We will help you claim for any losses that you incurred from the time of the accident to their death along with funeral expenses. You can also claim compensation for the loss of financial support brought upon you from a fatal accident.

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