Apply anytime 24/7, anytime after your accident.


We will asses your application and deliver the car to your door.


Once your car is repaired, simply return the replacement car to us.


The at fault party is responsible for the rental costs, with your assistance, we will recover this.

What is a not at fault hire Car?

An Accident Repair Rental Car or Accident Replacement Vehicle is provided to drivers whose vehicle has become damaged after an accident providing the driver was not at fault.

The driver will keep the rental vehicle whilst the damage(s) on their car is being repaired

What obligations do you have?

As part of your agreement with Best Car Rental, there are certain obligations you must abide by:

Provide us with assistance when requested in recovering the rental costs from the at fault party

Provide all documents in a timely manner when requested

Not hold up the recovery of rental costs

Advise us straight away when your car repairs are completed


Will I need to pay for anything?

As part of our agreement, you will not be required to pay any rental costs for your vehicle providing you were not at fault for your accident.

However, you may be required to pay day to day running costs such as:

Fuel, Parking Tickets, Traffic or Parking fines, Toll, Vehicle cleaning.

You may be also required to pay damage or excess charges for unacceptable wear and tear of the vehicle.

Any rental charges for the vehicle will be recovered from the at fault party or their insurance by us with your assistance.