Public Liability Claims

Regardless of how or why your accident happened, if you weren’t at fault for the injuries you sustained in a public place, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you slipped and tripped, suffered a dog bite or was the victim of a faulty or defective product, we can help.

Here at Unlucky, we deal with all public liability injury compensation claims on a No Win No Fee arrangement.

We have Personal Injury Lawyers & Litigation Lawyers throughout Australia that specialise in public liability injury claims. Our Lawyers can provide you with immediate legal representation, and we will arrange for rehabilitation support services or equipment to be provided anywhere in Queensland.

How to Claim Compensation for Public Liability

The first step when claiming personal injury compensation is to get in contact us and discuss the details of what happened to us. We need to know how, where, when and why the accident that caused your injuries happened.

If there were any witnesses or you took some photos of the accident scene and your injuries, these will be helpful.

When we have the details about what happened, a Personal Injury Lawyer will assess your claim on a No Win No Fee arrangement, and we can tell you how successful your claim is likely to be.

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What is a Public Liability Injury Claim?

All occupiers of land or buildings, whether it’s a shop, office, public transport, supermarket, park or Gymnasium, has a duty to care for visitors’ safety. Public liability is in place for when someone hurts themselves if another person or group has neglected their duty. If you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault in a public place, then you could be entitled to get compensation.

Car accident and motor vehicle accidents also often occur in public places.

The most obvious type of public liability claim is for a slip, trip or fall injury. These are usually caused by spillages that leave indoor floors slippery along with obstructions or badly kept paths and roads. To get public liability compensation, we’re required to prove that the organisation that owns or is responsible for maintaining the property or outside space was in fact negligent.

Who Would I Claim Against?

For example, you could make a public liability claim against a shop or supermarket if you slipped on water that was left on the floor. If your accident happened on a council-owned property, such as a footpath or school, then you will be able to make a public liability claim against the local authorities. However, if your injury occurred on public property while you were working, you can make a public liability claim against your employer.

You can even claim compensation under public liability regulations in some cases. For example, if an accident occurs in a private home, or you fell on dangerous or badly-lit stairs or were hit by a falling object, the homeowner or landlord needs to have insurance coverage for these types of accidental injuries.

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