Faulty and Defective Product Claims

Injuries caused by faulty and defective products range in severity but almost always cause significant pain and suffering. Manufacturers are supposed to ensure that their products are safe before they go on sale to the public. If you’ve suffered an injury from a defective or faulty product that wasn’t your fault you should be entitled to claim compensation. You can claim for several things including, out of pocket expenses, loss of income and the costs of any rehabilitation, along with the pain and suffering the accident caused you.

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Common Faulty Product Injuries

  • Burns from electrical that caught fire
  • Contaminated cosmetics causing chemical burns and scarring
  • Broken limbs from defective fitness equipment
  • Food poisoning from contaminated food bought from a restaurant or shop.

People also suffer injuries when using a service provider, such as a cosmetic surgeon, hairdresser or beauty therapist. Faulty and defective products can cause serious cause harm to innocent people.

Defective Products Known to Have Injured People Include:

  • Products that are contaminated during the manufacturing process
  • Poorly designed or assembled products
  • Products that don’t have warning labels
  • Known faulty products which haven’t recalled

How to Claim Compensation for a Faulty Product Injury

The first step is to seek medical attention because your health is paramount. Then give us a call and tell how the faulty product caused your injuries. Make sure you keep hold of any documents that may relate to your claim, such as the receipt or any packaging. If you had to visit your doctor you need to tell us about this too.

Please don’t worry if you don’t have all of the details when you call us because we will help you in gathering the necessary evidence anyway. Once your solicitor has gathered all the details they will let you know how successful your claim is expected to be. Your claim will be dealt with on a No Win No Fuss basis, so you don’t need to worry about being left out of pocket if you happen to be unsuccessful.

It’s common that in most faulty product cases, the claim is made against the manufacturer.  We will not let the Manufacturer escape liability because they’ve written words in their terms and conditions or contract. Our Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced in these types of claims and are well aware of the dishonest tactics manufacturers use to try and escape liability when it comes to faulty product claims.

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