Been unlucky on holiday?

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and unfortunately, it can happen when you are relaxing on an overseas holiday. From a simple trip and fall in a hotel lobby to an accident at the pools can lead to a serious injury. Unfortunately, the expenses involved in sustaining an injury overseas come at the price of:

  • Expensive medical expenses
  • Limited access to healthcare
  • Ruining your vacation
  • Psychological stress

If you have been in an accident or been sick on holiday, the personal injury lawyers at Unlucky understand how upsetting it can be. Unfortunately, there is no optimal time to get sick or injured, but when you are away from home it can be a lot more difficult to handle. Falling sick on holiday can spoil your holiday and in some more serious cases, injuries can be life-threatening.

If your time overseas has been ruined by another person through no fault of your own, get in contact with our dedicated team of Overseas Injury Compensation Lawyers. We can assist you without any up-front fees as we work on a No Win No Pay Basis. To find out if you have a claim call Unlucky on 1800 865 825 or alternatively you can request a call back online.

Kinds of injury or sickness

Each year thousands of Australians leave our shores looking for rest and relaxation in overseas tourist hotspots. Popular destinations include New Zealand, Indonesia, USA and Thailand, but an injury overseas can change a holiday into a nightmare.

As Australians, we understand that if we are injured by another person’s negligence or mistake, we have the right to claim compensation for expenses regarding the injury. Does this entitlement extend to Australians injured overseas? If you have been injured overseas then your right to claim will depend on where and how you were injured and how the other party is responsible.

Some examples of cases Unlucky has dealt with:

  • Road traffic accidents– driving, a passenger or a pedestrian
  • Boating, scuba diving, water sports
  • Cruise ship accidents and sickness
  • Illnesses such as E. Coli or Salmonella
  • Food poisoning
  • Hotels or resort accidents including tripping by the pool or falls from height


If you have been involved in an accident and someone else is to blame then it is possible to claim compensation for your injuries. At the time, it can be difficult to know what exactly to do. So here are some tips that you can follow if you get injured on holiday. If you were involved in an accident with a vehicle, make sure you advise the authorities as soon as possible:

  • Do not accept responsibility on the scene- they may be at fault
  • Driver’s name, address and vehicle registration
  • Witness details
  • Take lots of photos
  • Seek medical attention
  • Keep damages clothing and equipment

Our team at Unlucky have assisted many people who suffered injuries or sickness abroad to get the compensation they deserve. We will help you claim reimbursement for the pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses. At Unlucky, we will also take into consideration any lost earnings or any additional expenses. If you’re wondering whether you can make a claim or not, the best way to find out is by speaking to one of our local specialists.

For a free, no-obligation consultation call us free on 1800 865 825 or you can also contact us online using one of our web forms